Lash Extensions

Remember how Daisy Duck used to use her long, luscious eyelashes to her advantage? Poor Donald didn't stand a chance. Luckily, you never have to feel like a duck out of water again with our gorgeously long and - more importantly - long-lasting, lashes.

To prevent any potential backlash, here we answer the most popular FAQs:

Does it hurt?
When applied properly, by a trained professional, lash extensions should NEVER hurt - especially as they only touch the natural lashes themselves - not the skin. You may even be forgiven for falling asleep during the treatment - especially as your eyes will be closed throughout (don't worry - we won't tell!).

How will they feel?
To the untrained eye (and its accompanying lashes), no one will know your flirty little secret - unless you are guilty of beauty's number one cardinal sin: clumpy mascara.

Speaking of mascara ... can I still wear it?
Most people no longer feel the need (sorry big-name makeup brands!), but if you're one for a bit of eyerony, do make sure you only use a water-based formula. Oil-based or waterproof mascara should be avoided like the plague (this goes for any other eye makeup and remover, too!) as these can dissolve the bonding agent used - causing them to fall out quicker. While we're on the subject, ensure that your lashes are both makeup and oil free before you come in, otherwise you risk creating a barrier between the adhesive.

How long will it take?
Nouveau Express aside, the treatment should take no longer than 60-90 minutes.
Are there any type of lashes it won't work on?
Lash extensions will always work, but the particular style our technicians create may vary on your natural lashes.

Any aftercare tips?
1.Avoid contact with water or steam for 24-48 hours after treatment to allow the adhesive to cure. The longer you wait, the better!
2.Avoid heat exposure, as this can also weaken the bond.
3.Use a clean mascara wand - ideally after a shower - to separate your lashes, if you feel this is required.
4. Keep your lashes clean, avoid getting make up residue in them, use an oil free make up remover to clean away any dirt.

Lash extensions are a beauty solution that will leave you looking and feeling sexier than ever before! We offer every kind of extension, for every kind of occasion. Read on to explore all the options available to you:

Nouveau LVL (Length Volume Lift)

The perfect choice for you if you want both long lashes with a beautiful, natural curl and long-lasting lashes, as these can last for up to eight weeks! These lashes are designed to lift your natural lashes at the root before being finished off with a tinting treatment. All clients require a patch test 24 hours before treatment. (Clients need to be 18 or over)

1 Week Cluster Lashes

As its name suggests, this is a slightly less permanent solution, with lashes applied to the eyelashes in clusters of three. (Clients need to be 16 or over. 14-15 need parental consent and present during treatment)

Nouveau Semi-Permanent Lashes

Another long-term solution which, if properly looked after, can last up to six weeks! Each lash is applied individually, with an infill option available hereafter. For best results, we recommend having infills every two to three weeks, after the initial treatment. (Clients need to be 18 or over)

Nouveau SVS (Speed Volume Style) Russian Lashes

This treatment focuses on preserving the health of your natural lashes, whilst also offering you the chance to select a custom lash finish. Whether it's natural volume or some bold va va voom that you're after, there's a Nouveau SVS for you! Each lash is applied individually. (Clients need to be 18 or over)

Nouveau Express

Ideal for women who want a quick treatment, these lashes can be applied in just 20 minutes! Extensions are attached to natural lashes individually and are tapered to ensure a more natural appearance. (Clients need to be 18 or over)