Nail Treatments

Nail Treatments

You may not think of it as a life-saving treatment, but take a closer look at the word manicure (Man I Cure). Amazing, huh? Sometimes a bit of nail TLC is just what the doctor ordered. So, without further ado, let's kick off with the all-mighty M-word:

Pampering and relaxing, a manicure is a real treat for both the nails and hands. Starting off with some cuticle care and nail file, shape and paint, before enjoying a calming hand massage.

CND Shellac:
Want long-lasting, glossy nails, that require no drying time and will not- categorically - break? Have we got the solution for you! The shellac, which is made up of both gel and nail varnish, can last up to two weeks. (Suitable for anyone over the age of 16).

Acrylic Extensions:
Ideal for those with thin nails that break easily, acrylic extensions create a hard, protective layer over the natural nails, leading to long-lasting results. The transparent acrylic solution is painted on, dries once exposed to the air, and can be finished off with a lick of polish. (Suitable for anyone over the age of 16)

Gel Extensions:
The best solution for those who want longer, stronger nails with a glossy finish. The gel extensions are placed on the top half of the nail, before being filed and shaped, according to your preference. A layer of gel is then painted onto the whole nail for extra strength, before the application of gel nail polish which will be cured under a UV lamp until it has completely dried. (Suitable for anyone over the age of 16)

A treatment of the highest pedigree for your feet which - let's face it - really deserve it! Our top pedicurists buff the soles of your feet to remove any dead skin cells (warning: this may tickle). Your toenails will then be filed and shaped, your foot massaged, and a nail polish of your choosing applied. We dare you not to dance out of the salon.

File & Paint:
A classic, all-year round treatment, which does what it says on the, er, bottle, this can work wonders.

Nailed it.