About Threading:

Browsing for the best way to shape, style and set those hairs that frame your face? Look no further! Threading - the ancient eyebrow shaping and hair removal technique that originates from Asia - is the quickest, easiest and most accurate way to ensure your eyebrows are 'on fleek'.

How It Works:

One of our highly-trained professionals will glide a cotton thread across the skin to remove excess hair and shape the brow, in accordance with your facial features.

Does it hurt?

We'd be lying if we said you wouldn't feel a thing, but many agree that threading is actually less painful and kinder to the skin than both plucking and waxing, as no heat or chemicals are required - perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Why else should I choose this method?

Threading allows a degree of control that its other hair-removal peers just cannot match, resulting in perfectly sculpted eyebrows with long-lasting results. Regrowth is also finer, softer and smoother. (Suitable for anyone over the age of 13. Parent needs to have given consent and be present for 13-15 year olds)

How often will I need to come in?

It varies depending on the person, but most people will find themselves coming back every 3-4 weeks.

How's that for hi-brow?